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The Business Trial Group’s attorneys combine an extensive knowledge of traditional commercial, corporate, and securities law with legal savvy that can only be gained from years in the courtroom.



"I want to express my sincere appreciation for representing me in a case against my debtors. Not only were you successful in obtaining an equitable judgment on my behalf, but it was done is such a manner that made it affordable...even for me! I realize the many obstacles you encountered in dealing with out of state defendants, yet your tenacity and resolve prevailed. I certainly will not hesitate to recommend your firm of Morgan & Morgan which in my estimation embraces their motto...“For The People.”Thanks again for being persistent and effective .... and for making me feel like a personal friend throughout the process."

Bob M.

"I was wronged by a business partner and was left with no other option than to sue. The counterparty in my suit had significantly more resources than me, so it was important that I not put myself in a position where I could be outspent. The Business Trial Group afforded me that opportunity. From day 1, I knew that my case was important to them. It was clear they were committed to the best outcome for me, not the most fees for themselves. I was given honest, sound advice even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. There were never any surprises. They were always professional and prepared. It was clear in my mediation that my attorneys’ competence level far exceeded the “white shoe” lawyers we were up against. The smartest guys in the room were on my side of the table. This led to a fair settlement for which I am thankful. I highly recommend Morgan & Morgan’s Business Trial Group."

Bruce S.

"As a C-Suite executive of a $13 billion corporation for more than 20 years, I have interacted with many lawyers, both as a defendant and a plaintiff. The Morgan and Morgan Business Trial Group’s recent representation of me and my privately-held business interests equals or exceeds all of those who came before you. Accordingly, you have my everlasting appreciation, respect and trust."

Steve S.

"I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your hard work and amazing efforts to get us a settlement. I am extremely happy with my experience with my attorneys and the rest of the incredible hard working staff who worked so tirelessly for us. My attorneys never gave up and worked so hard, even on the weekends, to get us the results we wanted. And you didn't even charge us any upfront fees which made it that much more worth hiring your firm since we didn't have the funds up front to pay for an attorney. You have exceeded all of my expectations and will highly recommend your firm and especially your great staff to all of my friends and business associates. Thank you so much again!"

James P.

"We would not hesitate to engage the services of the Morgan & Morgan Business Trial Group in the future, if the need arose. Our attorneys were always available to answer our questions and discuss matters, even coming to our home for meetings. Their commitment made us feel like we were their only clients and we quickly became friends with them. We still exchange holiday greetings. It was not a financial burden for us, due to the fact you do not pay the fee unless you win your case. There are no upfront fees. We won our case through the devotion and determination of our attorneys and their team. THANK YOU!"

Pattie & Michael W.

"The commitment of my attorney to learn the facts of my case were instrumental in my favorable outcome. He was genuinely interested in the issues and understanding my position. I believe he was the right advocate for me and gave me confidence that I was deserving of a favorable outcome. Additionally, it was comforting not to have to fund the large upfront fees that are usually necessary and easily funded by large companies. 

Morgan and Morgan put me as an individual on a level playing field with the big guys and we won!"

Scott L.

"Since August 2015 or so, when Reed began reviewing our sad tale regarding BMO’s mishandling of my father’s estate, knowing that you were on our side, ready to fight, was a big comfort.

At quite a few points, Steve would reference your guidance over the intervening months. Thank you for being ready to file a complaint! So glad we didn’t need to."

Helen R.

"I had to re-read the documentation to make sure it was not a dream. I cannot thank you enough for handling this to a full payment settlement. You did a fantastic job, in a ridiculous situation. Thank you to all involved for proving there is justice in the world for the small business owner!"

Colleen S.

"I would like to thank you for representing me with my civil lawsuit. Not only did you win the case, I received over and above what I thought was owed to me. The amount of research that everyone at Morgan and Morgan did was amazing. There was as they say “no stone left unturned.” From the first day I walked into your office, I felt like someone cared about what I was going through. I was treated with the utmost respect from all members of the staff. I want to give special thanks to Benjamin Webster, Keith Mitnik, and William Lewis, not only are their professional skills impeccable, but their personal interactions with myself and everyone involved with my case went above and beyond care and concern. I walked into my case scared and unsure of what might happen, and I left a winner and the feeling that I made friends for life. I truly will recommend MORGAN AND MORGAN to all my family, friends, and associates. Again I thank you for all your amazing work."

Nathan D.

"I cannot express to you how grateful and impressed I am with the caring you have shown for me and my wife throughout this whole case. You have shown me a passion for your client that I have not come to expect from your industry. Thank you!"


"I obtained excellent service and my attorneys did everything possible to promptly resolve my case. The lawyers that helped me, Benjamin Webster and Arletys Rodriguez, are excellent professionals with infinite human quality. As to the firm Morgan & Morgan, they have followed through with all the services they offered me. It is worth stressing the benefit of the contingency fee system, because I did not have to pay attorney’s fees until there were positive results in my case. Finally, I am totally satisfied with the results, which have been in my favor. Thank you very much!!!!"


“The Morgan & Morgan Business Trial Group handled my case against a major security company. I was amazed at the amount I received in the lawsuit. Not only was their research for the case very thorough, their concern for me and all those involved with the case was heartwarming and set me at ease.”