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Our top priority is to successfully resolve your case. By leveraging the resources and expertise of the nation’s largest contingency-fee law firm, we are equipped to achieve the best results for each and every client.

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Who We Are

The Business Trial Group specializes in contingency-fee litigation for commercial disputes. We help businesses and individuals seek justice and recover what they are owed. Our venerated lawyers have decades of combined trial experience and have fought to recover tens of millions of dollars in judgments and settlements for our clients.

Some of our recent results include:


for victims of securities law violations


on behalf of developers for breach of contract and tort claims


for investors in a fraudulent securities offering


on behalf of construction company for breach of employment contracts

If We Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay

With the Business Trial Group, you will not be charged by the hour. We do not receive a fee unless we successfully resolve your case, so our only incentive is to win. We guarantee that you will only pay for results.


The Cases We Handle

Our attorneys have a broad range of experience and legal expertise. The Business Trial Group has successfully prosecuted a wide variety of claims involving contracts, construction, real estate, securities fraud, intellectual property, and other commercial disputes.


Proven track record in lawsuits between business owners, partners, shareholders as well as shareholder derivative litigation.


Representing individuals and businesses who suffered loss due to the negligence and fraud of attorneys, accountants and other professionals who failed to follow accepted standards.


Representation of brokers, sellers, investors, developers, homeowner and condo associations in cases involving negligence, breach of leases, construction claims, and others.


Experienced in complex contract disputes involving debts, services contracts, loan agreements, construction and various other commercial interests.


Representation of individuals who are owed inheritances under trusts and wills, and beneficiaries against trustees for mismanagement of assets or other misconduct.


Prosecuting claims on behalf of individuals and businesses for trademark, patent or copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair and deceptive business practices.

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Business Trial Group Fights For and Wins Recruiter’s Compensation 

In September 2019, a third-party recruiter hired the Business Trial Group (“BTG”) after an international foreign exchange company failed to pay compensation owed to our client in connection with the placement of a candidate/lead. Within one month of being sued by BTG, the foreign exchange company settled and paid our client’s compensation.  Our client has […]

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SEC Charges BMO for Failing to Disclose Conflicts of Interest to Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently settled charges against two BMO advisory firms for failing to disclose how they selected investments in their retail investment advisory program – which allegedly included selecting proprietary, more expensive investments that resulted in greater profits for the BMO firms. The SEC’s order states that BMO Harris Financial Advisors Inc. […]

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BTG Files Lawsuit Against One Of The Largest Florida-Licensed Cannabis Companies

The Business Trial Group has filed a lawsuit on behalf of an engineer who built custom machinery for one of the largest Florida-licensed cannabis companies, Cansortium, and then was shorted on a significant portion of his compensation package.  In 2017, Cansortium engaged Querrey Group, a small engineering and construction firm, to create unique machinery for […]

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