The Business Trial Group provides our referral partners with a unique financial opportunity. Lawyers that refer business cases to us receive a share of the contingency fee. Whether your client does not want to pay hourly, a case is more expensive than anticipated, or you do not handle commercial litigation or trial work, referring your client to the Business Trial Group will generate revenue at no cost to your firm.

Referral and Co-counsel FAQs:

When you refer your commercial clients, we share our contingency-fee recovery with you. The fee you receive will be a percentage of any settlement or judgment from your client’s case.  These referral fees are shared in strict accordance with each state’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Business Trial Group has the expertise, experience and resources to handle almost any type of business case you bring us. Our attorneys are experienced with, and have successfully litigated, a wide range of commercial cases related to securities, contract disputes, intellectual property, real estate, construction, probate, professional liability, and many other issues.

We do not, however, handle any hourly or defense litigation and we have no transactional practice.  If you refer us a client, the relationship will be limited to the case that you referred.  We will honor and respect the relationship between you and your client.

Whether your client is deciding whether to pursue litigation or the case is well underway, we can help you out. We have the resources to maximize your client’s prospects and your firm’s potential referral revenue at any point in the process. If your case is already in progress, the Business Trial Group is also available on a co-counsel basis to assist at the crucial moments ahead of summary judgment or trial.

You can contact us through our no-fee, no-obligation case review form here or call us directly. To make sure that we thoroughly understand your litigation needs, you will then be contacted by one of our attorneys. We will conduct an in-depth review of any existing case information and then set up a meeting with you and your client.

If we proceed with your client’s case, we will sign an agreement entitling you to a percentage of any recovery. We will also keep you posted about your case’s status throughout the course of the litigation.

The Business Trial Group’s practice and reputation was built on results.  Our attorneys recover millions of dollars a year on behalf of contingency-fee business clients.  Because we are supported by the resources of the largest contingency-fee law firm in the country, we are able to see even the most complex case through from inception to trial.

Our attorneys are career business lawyers whose practice is 100% focused on commercial litigation.  When you refer a case to the Business Trial Group, your client will receive the work-product they have come to expect from a top-tier business firm.

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